Having the right people makes an enormous impact on your results, so in this section you’ll find tools for finding and hiring superstars.

Building the Pool Worksheet

The more energy you spend on building your pool of candidates, the more likely you’ll be to find high performers.

Job Description Sample

A great job description goes beyond simply listing responsibilities and qualifications.

Talent List

To ensure that strong candidates readily come to mind when you need to hire, keep a running list of prospects. Here’s a simple template to get you started.

Sample Interview Questions

These questions will help you probe how a candidate will perform once on the job.

Job-Simulation Exercises

Having candidates complete exercises similar to what they’d be doing on the job may give you the best sense of how they would perform if hired.

Figuring Out the Role Sample and Worksheet

This worksheet will help you develop a clear idea of who you're looking for (which can then be translated into a job description).

Interview Cover Letter

This sample email to candidates asks them to prepare to simulate job-related activities.

Suggested Reference Check Questions

Our reference check outline, worksheet, and suggested questions will help you dig beneath the surface to get truly helpful information.

Rejection Email Samples

The fastest way to inform candidates that they are no longer under consideration is by having a standard e-mail template that you can easily adapt.

Orientation Agenda Sample

Having a written agenda for orienting a new employee helps you present information in an organized, easily understandable way.

Roadmap for Setting New Staff Up for Success

This roadmap will walk you through four key steps for nailing a new staff member’s first three weeks.

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