In addition to our widely available trainings, we work more intensively with strategically selected clients, providing coaching and consulting to help them develop high-performing organizations. We focus on building habits that include:

  • Defining ambitious goals and aligning activities around them;
  • Paying extreme attention to execution so real-world action matches plans;
  • Adopting rigorous “people practices,” including selecting and retaining the best talent and letting go of people who don’t meet a high bar for performance;
  • Inculcating cultures that value excellence and constant improvement;
  • Exercising relentless, determined leadership focused on results over appearances; and
  • Incorporating an equity lens in applying the management practices above.

The depth and intensity of our work depends on each client’s needs and priorities. In general, after diagnosing a client’s needs, we work intensively to build the skills of key individual managers while at the same time establishing new systems and structures across the organization. We reinforce our lessons through repeated observation and persistent follow-up to ensure that new practices become ingrained as habits. And after our most intensive work, which usually takes place over roughly a year, we remain in a “sustaining” mode, periodically checking on progress and serving as an on-call advisor.

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