In addition to our widely available trainings, we provide individual coaching to strategically selected clients.

What We Do

Our coaches work one-on-one with senior leaders to help you run more equitable and sustainable organizations that deliver results. No two coaching engagements are exactly the same, but when you work with a TMC coach, you can expect regular one-on-one meetings, concrete advice to help you and your team improve your management practices, support to implement that advice, and regular availability between meetings as needed. The specific scope will be adapted to fit your context.

How We Do It

Clients describe our coaches as supportive, insightful, practical, and ridiculously helpful. A few key approaches set us apart:

1. We get to know you and your context

We understand that managers are whole human beings! We build relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and respect. We prioritize getting to know you and showing up as a source of support.

We also get to know your organization. In the early stages of a coaching engagement, we “get in your business” to develop a full, nuanced understanding of how things are going. This might include: seeing you and your team in action; surveying and interviewing staff; and reading everything we can get our hands on to understand your organization’s context. This diagnostic period helps us identify your team’s greatest strengths/opportunities and decide where to focus our coaching work together.

2. We set goals with you

We are laser-focused on helping you operate more effectively. We’ll map out a plan to tackle the biggest barriers you face so you can unlock your team’s potential. We’ll collaborate with you to define the goals we want to accomplish in our coaching work—and then we get to work! View sample coaching goals here.

3. We help you make it happen

Throughout our engagement, we give advice that is concrete, tailored to your situation, and rooted in lived experience. And once we do, we don’t just leave you to figure out how to implement it. We’ll be right beside you to think through that big decision, write that first draft, prepare for that high-stakes conversation, or make sure you follow through on action items.

4. We build your capacity to create lasting change

Our ultimate goal is that one day you no longer need us. Yes, you read that right! We aim to help you and your team build capacity and put management mindsets, behaviors, and systems in place so your organization runs effectively in the long term.

Don’t take our word for it! Read what our clients say.

How to Get Started

TMC Coaching might be for you if you can answer “yes” to all of the following:

  • You are in a leadership role at an organization that advances social change, such as:
    • An executive director, CEO, managing director, or chief of staff in an organization focused on advancing educational equity or social justice
    • A superintendent, assistant superintendent, cabinet member, or school leader in a school district or charter management organization
    • An elected official, chief of staff, or executive leader of a government office or agency. 
  • You want your organization to be more equitable, sustainable, and results-driven.
  • You are self-reflective about your management approach and eager to sharpen your skills.
  • You can make the time to meet regularly with a coach and implement next steps coming out of your coaching sessions (By the way, we understand how precious your time is—and if managing it is a struggle, we can help you with that!)

If that’s you, please complete our Coaching Inquiry Form below—and we’ll get back to you soon! In the meantime, check out our Tools and Trainings for other supports that might be helpful.