So, you attended Managing to Change the World—now, put your training to work.

TMC’s Management Workouts help teams run their own continued learning program. Think: Management Study Hall! But, fun. Management Workouts give managers a structured time to reflect on what they learned in training, try the tools and skills in real-time, debrief with peers, and plan next steps.

Tiffany Harms headshot.
Tiffany Harms

“The Management Workouts are the secret sauce of our leadership development program. The content and approach is thorough, thoughtful, and deeply relevant for mission-driven social justice organizations. … Out of all the leadership development programs we’ve done, the Management Workouts are consistently ranked highest by our leaders.”

Tiffany Harms, Vice President of Organizational Development, Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho

What you’ll get

  • We provide everything your team needs to facilitate sessions at a time, place, and pace you choose. You will receive a facilitation guide, facilitation prep checklist, participant workbooks, and eight (8) copies of our new book, Management in a Changing World: How to Manage for Equity, Sustainability, and Results
  • Each topic has two sessions. In the first session, participants read, discuss, and plan to practice one or more management skills, tools, or mindsets. Between sessions, they try what they’ve planned (e.g., delegate a piece of work, give tough feedback, connect with a staff person to clarify roles, etc.). Then, they reconvene for the second session to debrief, offer eachother feedback and ideas, and plan next steps.
  • Your trainer can recommend which modules to start with, based on the needs and growth edges they observed in the training.

Who workouts are for

Management Workouts are for groups of managers within organizations or networks who have attended an in-house or public Managing to Change the World course within the last year.

What the modules cover

  • Fundamentals of Effective Management
  • Delegation
  • Feedback
  • Goals
  • Roles
  • Investing in People
  • Managing Up & Sideways
  • Prioritization
  • Closing: Reflection and Debrief

How you can use the program

Use the Workouts as a practical follow-up to TMC training. Build them into new manager onboarding alongside training registration, make them a part of your existing manager meetings, or create a new space for managers to meet regularly. Many organizations tell us that Management Workouts provide an opportunity for relationship-building, collaboration, and cohesion among colleagues.

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Headshot of Yelena Nedelko.
Yelena Nedelko

“We are very grateful for the high quality materials from TMC’s Management Workout Program! We have implemented the program as a manager training series, rolling out one module per month. Our managers are thoroughly enjoying the series and have expressed that there is a nice balance of time to reflect and practice. They value the exercises, practical tools, and the fact that they leave with a concrete next step.”

Yelena Nedelko, Interim Deputy Director, Homeless Prenatal Program