Want to provide your managers with an interactive refresher on management practices centered in equity, sustainability, and results?

The Management Workout program packages our most helpful tools and insights to help you self-facilitate group learning around key topics like delegation, giving feedback, using goals, equitable hiring, addressing performance problems, and much more. We’ll provide you with everything you need to run the program yourself in-house—giving your managers time to reflect, practice, and get peer support!

Prerequisite: A majority of managers at your organization have attended one of our courses (online or in person) in the last two years.

Tiffany Harms headshot.
Tiffany Harms

“The Management Workouts are the secret sauce of our leadership development program. The content and approach is thorough, thoughtful, and deeply relevant for mission-driven social justice organizations. … Out of all the leadership development programs we’ve done, the Management Workouts are consistently ranked highest by our leaders.”

Tiffany Harms, Vice President of Organizational Development, Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho

What you’ll get

  • Self-diagnostics to help participants reflect on their management practices
  • Pre-readings and additional resources
  • Facilitators’ guides
  • Exercises to help participants practice skills and build new habits
  • Group discussion questions
  • Discussion handouts
  • Suggested next steps
  • Sample emails for communicating with both the participants and their managers, to help support the learning across your team

What the modules cover

Pick and choose from the topics below or buy the full set!

  • Delegation
  • Giving Feedback
  • Effective Check-ins
  • Addressing Performance Problems
  • Setting and Using Goals
  • Equitable Hiring
  • Investing in People
  • Managing Your Time
  • Managing Managers
  • Managing Up & Sideways
  • Exercising Authority

Who Management Workouts are for

While this offering is available to everyone, we generally recommend the workouts program when all of the following apply to your organization:

  • A majority of managers at your organization have attended an in-house training or one of our public courses in the last two years**
  • You’re looking for a refresher on our management content
  • You’re looking for a group learning and support experience
  • You have a manager on your team with facilitation experience who can implement the program

**Note: While designed to be implemented as a standalone program, the Management Workouts are not meant to be a training or training replacement. If you’re interested in those, check out our public courses!

How you can use the program

Purchase the modules you want and designate people in your organization to facilitate discussion sessions.

We recommend purchasing at least four modules because they are designed to be used as a program.

Here are a few ways you can implement this program:

  • Gather managers for a day-long training or retreat to cover a bunch of modules at once
  • Cover a couple modules each week using teleconferencing software while working remotely
  • Incorporate workouts into new manager orientation over the course of several weeks, and revisit as needed
  • Set up weekly or biweekly discussion sessions over the course of a few months
If you’re interested in purchasing Management Workouts, please fill out this form.
For pricing, a sample, or more information, please contact our Client Support Team.
Headshot of Yelena Nedelko.
Yelena Nedelko

“We are very grateful for the high quality materials from TMC’s Management Workout Program! We have implemented the program as a manager training series, rolling out one module per month. Our managers are thoroughly enjoying the series and have expressed that there is a nice balance of time to reflect and practice. They value the exercises, practical tools, and the fact that they leave with a concrete next step.”

Yelena Nedelko, Interim Deputy Director, Homeless Prenatal Program