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5 Reasons to Work with The Management Center

1. By helping our clients, you’ll have an impact on the most important issues facing our country, like immigration, racial justice, health care, educational equity, and climate change.

2. Our clients are amazing people. You’ll work with leaders who go straight from talking with you to testifying on the Hill, leading a rally at the state capitol, or planning a new grassroots campaign with teams of organizers, and most days when you pick up the newspaper (or okay, read it online), you’ll see the results of their work.

3. Our team is awesome. You’ll be working with a group of smart, thoughtful, and genuinely nice people (at least we think we are!) who come from a wide range of professional and personal backgrounds.

4. We’re committed to making our own organization one where people from all backgrounds – and in particular people with marginalized identities – thrive. While we have a lot of learning still to do, we’re working hard to incorporate equity and inclusion into all aspects of our work. That’s leading us to do things like proactively seeking to work with more groups led by and for people of color, supporting identity-based caucuses for our staff (we have people of color and indigenous people, LGBTQ, and white-identified allies caucuses), and making sure each person on our team continually hones their own cultural proficiency skills. More in the works here!

5. We try to practice what we preach: great management. You’ll have clear expectations, receive feedback (some of it even useful), get opportunities to grow and develop, and do it all in a culture that keeps the focus on real-world results and aspires to exhibit excellence with heart.

And a bonus reason… 6. We treat people well, from excellent salaries and benefits to flexible work arrangements to unusually good snacks.

Job Openings

The roles below aren’t currently open for 2021, but if you’d like to be considered when we re-open these searches, please submit your resume:

  • Coach, Education Sector: This position is an education leader working primarily with school leaders and other senior managers of schools, districts, networks, and other education organizations working toward educational equity. Learn more here
  • Coach, Progressive/Social Change Sector: Progressive sector coaches are experienced senior managers who lead client engagements and serve as teacher / coach / trainer / nudge / confidante / advisor / thought-partner to senior client executives. Learn more here.
  • Trainer, Education Sector (full-time or part-time):  Our trainers are highly engaging, experienced managers who are excited about working with social justice organizations. Learn more here.
  • Trainer, Progressive/Social Change Sector (full-time or part-time):  Our trainers are highly engaging, experienced managers who are excited about working with social justice organizations. Learn more here.

Are you interested in learning more about working at TMC? Join us for a conference call with other candidates to hear more about our positions! (These calls are purely informational and meant solely to answer your questions. Participating is 100% optional and isn’t part of our evaluation process.) Sign up here.  

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