Headshot of Jenn Stowe.
Jenn Stowe

“The Management Center is a precious resource for the movement. Their dedication to building strong organizations couldn’t be more relevant to this moment. TMC’s experts have been valuable strategic partners in our journey, particularly in the expansion of our leadership team in the last two years.”

Jenn Stowe, Executive Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance
Headshot of Andrea Mercado.
Andrea Mercado

“The Management Center has been a critical resource for creating standards, training, and coaching our team. They’re clear, supportive, and helpful for both small group problem-solving and larger, engaging trainings that demystify management skills and practices. I couldn’t imagine navigating a merger and massive organizational change without their guidance and tools.”

Andrea Mercado, Executive Director, Florida Rising
Co-Director Dreama Caldwell speaking with arms outstretched.
Dreama Caldwell

“I can not give enough praise about the coaching services at The Management Center. Our coach has been instrumental in helping me during my first year of leadership. … Our coach helped us create equitable and thoughtful hiring processes using TMC tools. Many of our staff are new to movement work and others are new to management. Our staff often speak their gratitudes about being able to reach out for confidential technical assistance with our coach. Working with The Management Center has been an investment that will pay off for many years to come in our organization.”

Dreama Caldwell, Executive Co-Director, We Are Down Home/Down Home NC
Headshot of Miriam Aroni Krinsky.
Miriam Aroni Krinsky

“The fresh thinking and practical skills that TMC brings to the bold and inspiring elected prosecutors we support help us make lasting change in the criminal justice space. New thinking and smart policies alone aren’t enough. Breaking down resistance to change can be challenging. The management lessons and wise insights TMC offers ensure that meaningful change takes hold—and our justice system and the lives of those it impacts are in a better place as a result.”

Miriam Aroni Krinsky, Founder & Executive Director, Fair and Just Prosecution

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