Management in a Changing World

Image of book cover. The title reads "Management in a Changing World: How to Manage for Equity, Sustainability, and Results." Authors are Jakada Imani, Monna Wong, and Bex Ahuja.

Are you a manager or leader working toward social change? Do you ever struggle to navigate the power and responsibility that comes with being a manager? This book is for you. 

In Management in a Changing World: How to Manage for Equity, Sustainability, and Results, authors Jakada Imani, Monna Wong, and Bex Ahuja share The Management Center’s tried-and-true tools and advice but with new approaches, strategies, and stories for effective management. It’s packed with tools and techniques to help managers in nonprofits and educational organizations:

  • Build relationships 
  • Delegate work
  • Set roles and goals
  • Prioritize and make decisions
  • Build your team and invest in people
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Address performance problems
  • Manage up and sideways
  • Build a healthy team culture

This is the book every manager needs. Whether you’re a new or seasoned manager, this book helps you develop the mindsets and skills to manage equitably and sustainably to get great results.

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“This book’s predecessor, Managing to Change the World, has been my bible ever since I first became an Executive Director in 2008. I knew how to organize communities, but had no idea how to run an organization, and it provided not only the bridge between the two, but the light at the end of the tunnel. 15 years later, I still refer to The Management Center’s resources, and I’m excited that Management in a Changing World builds on TMC’s proven wisdom with fresh insights and frameworks. To create the change we want to see in the world, strong, nimble, strategic organizations are not only needed—they’re mandatory. This book will get you part of the way there—our commitment, imagination, and rigor will get us the rest of the way.”

Alicia Garza, political strategist and author of The Purpose of Power

“As managers, we have a responsibility to ensure that power is deeply rooted in cultivating justice to bring the changes we are fighting to achieve. In this ever-evolving and constant work, The Management Center is a critical part of every leader’s “village.” This book shares the encouragement, empowerment, and guidance we need to set our teams and organizations up for success.”

Ebony Twilley Martin, Executive Director, Greenpeace USA

“The Management Center has been providing transformational and indispensable management know-how to mission-based organizations for nearly two decades, and this book captures all that wisdom in one place. With advice, tools and worksheets throughout, the organization’s hallmark values of love and rigor shine through on every page.”

Anne Marie Burgoyne, Managing Director, Philanthropy, Emerson Collective

“Traditional management is like dancing in cold oatmeal—it’s sticky, heavy, and leaves a lot to be desired. In this book, Monna, Jakada, and Bex give managers a new dance floor. With a set of sacred practices focused on clarity, alignment, and engagement, they help us move away from stale management techniques towards new rhythms.”

— Shawna Wells, CEO, Wells Coaching and Consulting, and Senior Vice President, Pahara Institute