Managing to Change the World

Leaders of today’s nonprofit organizations need to know how to turn their missions and strategies into real world impact, and that’s what Managing to Change the World (published by Jossey-Bass) is all about.

In the second edition of this “Management 101” manual, we offer usable, step-by-step guidance on how nonprofit leaders can get great results.

Whether you’re a new manager or an experienced one, Managing to Change the World will give you the tools you need to translate your vision into reality.


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Readers’ Comments

“No one has more constructive insight and real life experience in helping progressive managers build strong organizations that get results than Jerry Hauser and the team at The Management Center. I hope that every person who does, or aspires to, manage a progressive organization will read this book.”

Rob Stein, Founder, Democracy Alliance

Managing to Change the World gives remarkably helpful and practical advice about important management strategies and skills in the nonprofit world. This book is a treasure with sound guidance on how to achieve organizational excellence.”

Heather Booth, Founder and President, Midwest Academy

“This book captures the nuts-and-bolts of management in a comprehensive, insightful, and practical manner. What a great resource for both nonprofit and for-profit managers.”

Les Silverman, Director Emeritus, McKinsey & Company