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Bex has worn many hats over the last 20 years, but will always be an organizer at heart. As one of the only nonwhite kids in their Long Island neighborhood, a queer and trans kid in the 1980s, and within their own family as the only mixed-race person, they learned from a young age what it meant to be on the margins. Bex has carried these lessons into their work, which is grounded in the sacred responsibility of bringing people into movements filled with love, fun, rigor, and discipline. Bex has trained thousands of people on running campaigns, community organizing, field strategy, fundraising, and management, and has held leadership roles in over a dozen winning legislative and ballot measure campaigns around the United States. Bex helped grow The Management Center’s training department from two trainers to a 25-person team serving over 15,000 leaders annually, and spearheaded the development of TMC’s racial equity in management curriculum and knowledge base. Bex currently serves as the managing director at Rockwood Leadership Institute and is also a certified coach supporting people of color in nonprofits. Also, Bex loves their wife, Tasia. A lot.