Whether you’re a new nonprofit manager, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in-between, The Management Center has a training for you. Check our training options below … and if you’d like to get automatic updates as we add new dates, sign up here.

Here’s what past attendees have said about our trainings:

“I’ve been taking graduate school courses on management and I learned more in a day here than I learned in all my other courses.”

“You should make this mandatory for all campaign managers!”

“I’ve never before attended a training where I was worried about running to the bathroom out of fear I’d miss an important point the trainer was communicating to the group.”

“I was skeptical coming in, but very surprised with how much I got out of the experience.”


For Organizations: In-House Training

Get your whole team on the same page by bringing TMC to your organization to instill a baseline set of skills, shared vocabulary, and common beliefs about good management.


For Managers:
Management Crash Course

This fast-paced course in the basics of effective management will teach you skills like delegation, using goals, hiring well, and managing your own time.


For Managers:
People of Color & Indigenous Cohorts

This course creates a space to discuss and offer support around the challenges of being a manager of color in progressive and social justice organizations, and to share practices that can help managers of color thrive.


For Managers:
Managing for Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Results

Committed to racial justice, but wrestling with how to put that commitment into practice in how you manage? Then this pilot add-on course may be for you! Building off of lessons from our Management Crash Course, we’ll explore how to go deeper in managing with an equity and inclusion lens.


For Staff:
Owning the Work

This training is designed for non-managers and will provide the skills to effectively “own” your areas of responsibility.


Ongoing Learning:
Management Workout

With our ongoing skills-building program, you'll get the tools to run an in-house professional development program for managers.