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This sample email is sent to a job applicant prior to an interview, sharing further information about the organization and explaining what you’d like them to come prepared to discuss.

From: Jasmine Barry, Chief Talent Officer, Three Circles Fund
Subject: Information about your interview
To: Missy Twofoot


Thanks so much for the time you’ve invested so far in our hiring process for Senior Program Officer. I’m looking forward to our upcoming phone interview. My colleague, Loni O’Keefe, will be joining us.

During your phone interview, we’ll ask you questions specific to the work that include the following:

  • More insight into your project management experience (sizes of teams, types of projects, internal/external dynamics, etc.)
  • A time you invested in ensuring work was reflective of/responsive to people or communities with more marginalized identities (if your experience lends itself to it, we’d love to hear specifically about reflecting and responding to marginalized racial identities)

In preparation for your interview, and any subsequent ones you may have, we’d like to share a bit about how we think about equity and inclusion. At our foundation, we often work with grantees who are leading with or prioritizing racial equity in how they run their organizations and the kinds of results they are working towards. Therefore, we prioritize asking all candidates questions that get to the nuance of engaging organizations with an explicit racial equity analysis. As a foundation, we’re also committed to racial equity in how we run things. This means we talk about race, racism, white supremacy (and fragility), equity, inclusion, power, and how it impacts our work. And we’re continuously pushing ourselves to be more open and vulnerable in our conversations (we’re a work in progress!).

We acknowledge that engaging in such conversations can sometimes feel new/old/challenging/exciting/risky, or very needed—we feel all those things, too. We want to invite you to approach those questions (ranging from how your own identity impacts your engagement with others, to mistakes you’ve made working with others across lines of difference) with a willingness to be open and authentic.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out, should you have any questions.


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