Equity & Inclusion

Want to make sure that your management practices and internal operations reflect your organization’s commitment to social justice? In this section, you’ll find tools on how to manage with an equity and inclusion lens.

3 Ways to Test for Racial Equity & Inclusion Competency

If the ability to understand and navigate issues of identity, power, and privilege is a must-have for your new hire, this article will help you test for it.

Hiring Rubric Starter Kit

Use this starter kit to help you create and use your own hiring rubrics.

Mitigate Bias in Hiring With a Simple Rubric

One way to lay the groundwork for equitable hiring is by using rubrics to mitigate bias.

Equity Rationale: Why You Need One, and How To Get Started

Spark and facilitate reflection, learning, and actionable commitments to equity and inclusion within your organization by creating an equity rationale.

SMARTIE Goals Worksheet

Make sure your goals have an equity and inclusion component by using this SMARTIE goals worksheet.

Examples of PTR in Action

Check out some examples of PTR in action, and how to manage towards your requirements with your preferences and traditions in mind.

Goals Bank

Need inspiration for goal-setting? Check out our goals bank for examples of SMARTIE goals!

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