Roles & Goals

You’ll maximize your impact when you can hand over not just specific tasks, but broader responsibilities. In this section, you’ll find tools for creating meaningful roles and setting and reinforcing clear, measurable goals for your staff, which will enable you to fully share the pressure (and joys!) not just of day-to-day tasks but also of driving your organization forward.

Role Expectations

It's often helpful to create a one-page description of a staff member's role that considers not only what the staff member should do but also how they should approach their work.

Success Sheet - Setting Goals

Use this success sheet to help set annual goals for individual staff members, describing what success looks like and how the staff member plans to get there.

Success Sheet - Check-In

Once goals are set, make sure to regularly check in on your staff member's progress toward them. This form can help structure your monthly or quarterly goals check-in.

Success Sheet - Role and Goals

Prefer to combine role and goals on the same sheet? This sheet lays out what the role is responsible for (the "what"), the ways to successfully approach the work (the "how"), and what success in this role looks like over a particular period of time (goals).

Sample Organizational Goals

What will your organization achieve this year, and how will you judge success? Here’s a sample of how to structure clear, measurable organizational goals.

Sample Goal Development Process

This sample goal development process can serve as a guide to help you design your organization’s own process.

Sample Email to Kick Off Goal-Setting

Here’s a sample email that you can use to explain what you’ll be doing and why, and how you’ll use the goals once they’re created.

SMARTIE Goals Worksheet

Make sure your goals have an equity and inclusion component by using this SMARTIE goals worksheet.

Red Light/Green Light - Organizational Priority Tracking Tool

Track your progress toward goals using this simple tool.

Goals Bank

Need inspiration for goal-setting? Check out our goals bank for examples of SMARTIE goals!

Sample CTO Goals & Metrics

These sample talent-related goals can help you identify and set your own.

Common Choice Points

Here is a list of some of the most common choice points, or key decision-making opportunities, managers face that may have equity and inclusion impacts.

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