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Ready to kick off the goal-setting process with your team? Here’s a sample email that you can use to explain what you’ll be doing and why, and how you’ll use the goals once they’re created. You have our blessing to take this email and make it your own!

Subject: Setting our goals for 20XX!

Hey team,

I’d like to start the process of getting clarity around what we’ll achieve next year, individually and as a team. We’re going to get aligned on where we will (and won’t) put our energy and what concrete markers we’ll use to measure success.

To kick off this process, let’s meet on [date and time]. We’ll look at what we aim to accomplish in the coming year, so that each of you can do some thinking about what might be possible in your specific realm. From there, I’ll work with people individually over the coming weeks to hash out specific goals.

Let’s plan to have finalized goals by [date], but the aim of this first meeting will be to get something down on paper so we have a starting point for discussion. Then, once our goals are finalized, we’ll use them throughout the year to keep us focused on what matters most and to monitor our progress. Specifically, we’ll check in on our progress quarterly. We’ll talk more soon about making sure we’ve got systems in place to ensure that happens.

I’m excited to kick off this process!

[Your name]

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