Whether you’re managing a single team or an entire organization, the key to delegating work well is to be clear about what you expect, stay engaged along the way to increase the likelihood of success, and create accountability on the back end.

Delegation Worksheet

When assigning a new project, use this worksheet to get aligned on expectations, resources, constraints, and how you'll monitor progress.

Project Plan Template & Sample

For complex projects, it's helpful to have a written plan that lays out "who will do what by when," including interim deadlines for smaller components.

Assigning Responsibilities with MOCHA

Try our "MOCHA" model (Manager, Owner, Consulted, Helper, Approver) to articulate who should play what role throughout the course of work.

Deciding What to Delegate with Comparative Advantage

When looking for work you can delegate, ask yourself: what are the areas where your impact is much greater than your staff's, not just a bit better? Here's a worksheet that will help.

Debriefing Template

By debriefing at the end of a project, you can capture lessons learned to ensure even better results next time. This template will help you ask the right questions.

Probing Questions to Get Beneath the Surface

To help you monitor progress and understand how work is really going, here are some probing questions that will help you get beneath the surface.

Sample Email to Staff to Introduce the MOCHA Model

Here's an email you can use to introduce our MOCHA terminology for managing projects to your staff and get everyone using the same vocabulary.

Examples of PTR in Action

Check out some examples of PTR in action, and how to manage towards your requirements with your preferences and traditions in mind.

Common Choice Points

Here is a list of some of the most common choice points, or key decision-making opportunities, managers face that may have equity and inclusion impacts.

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