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Want to introduce the MOCHA model to your staff and get everyone using the same vocabulary? Here’s an email that you can tweak (or not!) and send off to your team.

Subject: MOCHA: not just a drink

Hello team!

I want to introduce you all to MOCHA, a project management tool that’s useful when we want to make sure everyone is clear on project roles.

MOCHA is a framework and shared vocabulary to clarify the role each person will play on a particular project. I’ve attached a resource that spells it all out in more detail along with some answers to frequently asked questions, but here are the broad strokes:

M = Manager (delegates responsibility, serves as a resource, and ensures accountability)
O = Owner (has overall responsibility for the success of the project; ensures that all the work gets done and involves others in a meaningful way
C = Consulted (provides, insight, and perspective, or needs to be kept in the loop)
H = Helper (implements part of the work and plays a vital role in project success)
A = Approver (signs off on decisions before they’re final)

Of course, we may not fully “MOCHA” every project, but it will definitely help whenever you need to be really clear about who’s playing which roles on a project—and when it’s not clear, please speak up!

I’d like to start giving this a try with upcoming projects and wanted to give you a heads-up so that when you hear me talking about MOCHA, you’ll know I’m not talking about a morning coffee break.

[Your name]

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