Performance Problems

In this section, you’ll find tools to help you address performance issues, including terminating employees who aren’t meeting the high bar you need.

Sample Progressive Discipline Policy

Progressive discipline consists of a brief series of increasingly serious warnings, culminating in dismissal if an employee fails to improve sufficiently – and lets your staff know that they won’t be fired without first knowing about your concerns.

Informal Performance Warning - Sample Script

Here’s an example of what an initial, informal warning conversation might sound like with an employee who’s struggling.

Formal Performance Warning - Sample

Here’s an example of a more formal performance warning in writing.

Firing - Sample Script

Managers often struggle to find the right words to use when letting an employee go, so here’s a sample script.

Coaching Out - Sample Script

A coaching-out conversation is aimed at convincing an employee that continued tenure in the role doesn’t make sense and agreeing on a smooth transition plan.

Common Choice Points

Here is a list of some of the most common choice points, or key decision-making opportunities, managers face that may have equity and inclusion impacts.

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