Managing Managers

In some ways, managing managers is similar to managing anyone else – in that you need to build a great team, get aligned on goals and expectations on the front end, monitor the work and engage along the way, and create accountability and learning on the back end. But the key difference is that the work you’re overseeing is management –and so you’ll apply those same techniques in that area instead.

Techniques for Managing Managers

Effectively managing managers requires explicitly talking about and reviewing their management, as well as observing it in action. Here's how.

Planning How to Invest Your Time When Managing Managers

This worksheet will help you plan which areas to focus on with the managers you're managing, as well as what specific actions you'll take and conversations you'll have.

Skip-Level Meeting Toolkit

Skip-level meetings are a type of one-on-one meeting that managers of managers hold with their direct reports’ direct reports. They’re helpful for building relationships, gaining insight into your team and organization, and getting feedback about the managers that you manage.

Expectations for Managers Sample

Whether you’re a senior leader or a middle manager, you can use this tool to get aligned with your team about management expectations and responsibilities. 

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