COVID-19 Resources

This page contains all of our resources related to COVID-19. Check back here for regular updates on tools, articles, and templates for leaders managing through these tough times.

The Management Center’s COVID-19 Policy Changes & Other Responses

This document contains TMC’s latest policy changes (almost verbatim!) in response to COVID-19 and will be regularly updated as our policies evolve. We hope you, our clients and community, will find this useful as you’re developing your own response plans.

Survey Questions to Assess Staff Needs

This sample survey is intended for leaders to adapt as needed to assess the needs and circumstances of their staff as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Use the survey results to identify trends, so that you can make and prioritize policy changes and forecast costs.

Cash Flow Tracker Template / Sample

During uncertain times, even the best-laid plans need to shift. Instead of updating your budget to get a handle on your financials, turn your attention to cash flow. Use this tool to keep track of your anticipated expenses and revenue.

Recommended (non-TMC) COVID-19 Resources

Check back here for regular updates on helpful external reads and resources we’ve come across during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Takeaways from "Community Conversations: Preparing Your Organization for COVID-19 Impact"

We facilitated two virtual community conversations on preparing your organizations for COVID-19 impact. Here are the main takeaways on reprioritization, rapid response teams, modeling out your financials, ways to support your team, how policy changes impact staff with marginalized identities, and more.

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