2020 Elections

This page contains all of our resources related to the 2020 elections. Check back here for regular updates on tools, articles, and templates for leaders managing through this election season.

5 Things Managers Can Do to Get Election-Ready

Check out these tips for managers and leaders to get their teams through this election season (even if your work isn't directly related to electoral work, politics, or organizing).

Managing Through the 2020 Election Season: Check-ins Add-on

Everyone is dealing with the uncertainty, divisiveness, and urgency of this election season. We’re also all experiencing the stakes and effects of it differently. Acknowledge what’s happening, hear how your people are doing, and inject purpose, empowerment, and support by using this add-on in your next check-in.

Managing Towards Resilience and Results: Create Your “PAC”

As managers, we can’t end the pandemic or undo racial and intergenerational trauma, but we can influence how our staff experience this moment. We owe it to ourselves, our teams, and our communities to manage towards resilience and results. At TMC, we’re using PAC (Purpose, Agency, Connection) to get us through this election season.

Sample Pre-Election Email to Staff

Not sure what to say to your team in the days leading up to Election Day? One of our clients kindly shared an email she sent to all staff as a sample. Check it out!

Post-Election Day Debrief

Planning to gather your team post-election day? Here’s how you might structure your agenda to help your staff feel cared for and connected.

You're Invited: Join the TMC Community Slack!

We recently created an #election-season channel in our TMC Community Slack to share questions, tools, ideas, and innovations on how to effectively manage through this election season.