Giving Feedback with CSAW

Below is a worksheet for using CSAW, our framework for giving feedback. For a more in-depth overview of CSAW, read this article

I want to give ________________ feedback on ________________.

✦ Connect over a shared value or goal

  • Talk about a shared value or experience (“I can see how hard you’ve been working on planning a successful kickoff event”):


👀 Share a specific observation or concrete example

  • Explain the impact/why it matters:


  • Share a concrete request if you have one:


💬 Ask questions to better understand their perspective

  • Some questions I will ask or ways I will probe are:


Sample Probing Questions

Remember: ask questions to better understand, not to seek the answer you think you already know!

  • How did you think that went? Are there things I’m missing?
  • What do you think might be causing this?
  • How could you approach it differently next time?
  • Why do you think that went so well?
  • What are the takeaways from what you did that worked?
  • Do you have thoughts on how you might put that into practice?
  • What do you need to be able to implement these?
  • What other options did you consider?
  • What makes you say that?

 Wrap up with next steps

  • Make sure everyone is aligned on expectations (“Can you recap what we’re doing moving forward?”)
  • How will you follow up on this area in the future? (Put on your list to check back in X time or schedule a meeting to follow up after next event: “Here’s how I plan on following up with you…”)

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