Post-Election Day Debrief

Published: October 21, 2020
Estimated Reading Time: 2.5 min

Planning to gather your team post-election day? Here’s how you might structure your agenda to help your staff feel cared for and connected:


  • Acknowledge…
    • The facts. We likely won’t know the election results the day after election day, but you can still acknowledge the uncertainty and share what you do know so that everyone has the same context.
    • The feelings. Name that there may be a multitude of feelings in the room, some of which may feel like they are in tension or conflict with others. One way to normalize the variety of feelings in the room is to adapt the Diversity Welcome. “If you are feeling [exhausted / anxious / unsurprised / shocked / excited / calm, your experience is welcome here.” You can also invite people to share one word (in the chat or out loud) to describe how they’re feeling.
  • Share the purpose of your time together. “Today, we’re here to create and hold space for our team to connect with and support each other.”
  • Share some expectations or hopes for how you’d like people to engage. “As much as possible, let’s both bring our full selves and be extra tender with and respectful of each others’ feelings/experiences/reactions.”


  • Invite people to self-reflect via drawing, writing, or just thinking to themselves. Some prompts:
    • How are you feeling and where is it showing up in your body?
    • What has been the arc of your emotions over the last few days or weeks?
    • What is an image, word, movement, or sound that represents what’s in your body/head/heart/spirit?
    • What are some questions that you have? What are some things you know to be true?


  • Break into small groups of 3-5 people. Offer a few reflection and discussion prompts:
    • Share an image, word, or phrase that describes how you’re feeling right now.
    • What is something you want everyone else to know about how you’re showing up today?
    • What’s one thing you feel grateful for or supported by right now? What’s one thing that’s bringing heaviness?
    • What is something my/our community needs from me/us?
    • What is something that would make you feel more supported, seen, and/or cared for by your teammates?
  • Note: the most important thing is that people feel comfortable sharing with each other. Depending on your context, it may make more sense for your team to do pre-assigned (rather than randomized) groups, have people stay within their teams, or separate based on racial (or other) affinity groups.


  • Double down on your team’s role and responsibility to your community and to each other.
    • “Our job is to make sure that Black trans people have access to safe and stable housing.”
    • “We need to continue to take care of and support each other.”
  • Share what support and resources are available.
    • “We have added three additional days of personal leave between now and the end of the year.”
    • “We’re going to create space at our next few staff meetings to connect with each other.”
    • “Your manager is here to support you.”
  • Share and invite gratitude.

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