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This page contains all of our resources related to COVID-19. Check back here for regular updates on tools, articles, and templates for leaders managing through these tough times.

Managing Through Uncertainty: Strategies for Middle Managers

Middle managers play a critical role. It’s also not an easy job. If you've ever felt caught in the middle between your manager and your team, here are three strategies to get unstuck.

3 Ways to Manage Through Uncertainty: Purpose, Agency, Connection

As managers, we can’t end the pandemic or undo racial and intergenerational trauma, but we can influence how our staff experience this moment. This article offers three ways to build a greater sense of purpose, agency, and connection during times of crisis or uncertainty.

Decisions at the Gateway of Reopening—Reflect, Reinvest, Redesign

As we enter a new phase of the pandemic, with vaccines more readily available and more states “reopening,” we are standing squarely at the gateway between one world and the next. As managers, it’s our job to lead our teams forward from crisis to reinvention, while balancing or even harnessing tensions. And it all starts with questions.

Survey Questions for Staff Input on Reopening and Redesign

This sample survey is intended for leaders to adapt as needed to assess the needs, concerns, and circumstances of their staff as they consider reopening the office, in-person meetings, and travel.

5 Tips for Evaluating 2020 Performance

Things were not okay in 2020 and the jury’s still out on 2021. Many of you are weighing myriad complexities and will need to use your best judgment as you consider performance on a case-by-case basis. While we can’t offer a comprehensive guide, here are some tips for your 2020 evaluations.

Sample Language for Performance Evaluations During COVID-19

Struggling with the exact language to use when giving feedback for your 2020 performance evaluations? Check out our samples.

Five Tips for Goal-Setting in Chaos

When there is a lot going on in the world, your organization, or your personal life (or all three!), goal-setting can feel like an insurmountable task. The good news is that goal-setting doesn’t have to add to the chaos; it can help you move through it.

Managing Through Uncertainty: What to Communicate to Your Team

In a crisis, a big part of every leader’s job is to provide a container for staff—that is, to make sense of what’s happening. Effective communication can promote the stability, continuity, and sense of purpose that helps people cope during tough times.

Communication Planning Worksheet

In a crisis, a big part of every leader’s job is to provide a container for staff and make sense of what’s happening. Use this worksheet to plan out 5 key components for communicating to your team during tough times.

Managing Through Uncertainty: How to Scenario Plan

Scenario planning now helps you prepare for the future so you can seize possibilities or develop contingency plans. Learn the basics of scenario planning, then get started with our easy-to-use tool.

How to Actually Reprioritize

Whether you’re a staff member, project leader, or director, one of the most important skills you may need in the current terrain is the art of saying “no” (to some things) so you can make room for others. In other words: how to reprioritize.

5 Tips for Better Check-ins During COVID-19

Your one-on-one check-ins are essential. Here are a few tips for checking in during the pandemic (and any other extended crisis).

The 60-Minute Backup Plan

When it comes to uncertainty, one step every staff member can take is to create a plan for who will take over key responsibilities if one or more of our team members is out. These tips can help you figure out the most important responsibilities that need to be covered, who could do them if the current owner is out, and what that person needs to do now to prepare. You can make huge progress in as little as 60 minutes.

Backup Planning Tool

When it comes to handling unknowns at work, one concrete step every team member can take is to create a backup plan for who will take over key responsibilities if one or more team members is out. Use our template to start.

Managing Through Uncertainty: Check-ins Add-on

During moments of uncertainty, check-ins are an opportunity to meet your staff where they’re at so that they can feel seen and supported. Whatever the case may be for your staff, acknowledge what’s happening, hear how your people are doing, and inject purpose and agency by using this add-on in your next check-in agenda.

The 5-Box Scenario Planning Tool (and Sample)

Whether you are managing through uncertainty and change, or anticipating strategic forks in the road, our 5-Box Scenario Planning Tool can help you gather the information you need, think through scenarios, and outline possible action plans.

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