ObjectiveOutcomes by End of EngagementHow We’ll Get There
Implement new management practices to promote both ownership and collaborationI can point to examples of at least 3 new tools or practices that are being consistently used to improve how our team operates.

100% of staff rate “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” to the statements below in an anonymous survey (with no gaps by race, ethnicity, gender identity, or seniority):

– Our organization has clear and meaningful goals.

– I have clear individual goals that define what success looks like for me.

– I have the support, feedback, and guidance I need to be successful in my role.
Develop organizational SMARTIE goals for the year.

Align on clear role expectations for everyone on the team.

Implement regular 1:1 check-ins between all staff members and their managers.

Develop core values with my team, to clarify how we will communicate and work together.

Track how the tools above are being used and experienced to ensure they’re used equitably and benefit staff and other stakeholders with marginalized identities.
Build skills and confidence as a managerI am more clear and confident about my role as director. I am able to point to examples of things I used to do that I no longer need to do because I have delegated effectively. 

I am clear about my priorities at any given time and have implemented new time management practices to stay focused on them. 
Build strong delegation and time management practices so that I am “guiding more and doing less.”

Clarify my Big Rocks and develop practices to stay focused on the most important work. 

Get clear on what work is within my comparative advantage and make a plan to delegate or defer the rest.

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