TMC is committed to continuous learning and evolution as we progress on our antiracist journey. Sometimes this shows up in how we approach language—what we say and how we say it. Instead of “People of Color and Indigenous” (POCI), we are now using “Black, Indigenous, People of Color” (BIPOC) internally and externally. While we understand that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach to discussing systemic racism, we believe that the term BIPOC better centers the unique experiences and relationships that Black and Indigenous people have with white supremacy and systemic oppression within a present-day U.S. context. We strive to do our best to address anti-Blackness and Indigenous invisibility, and to amplify the experiences of all people of color in our internal and external work.

Working with staff of nonprofit organizations over the last several years we have been reminded that staff who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color face unique and challenging issues within their organizations related to power, privilege, and identity all while driving essential work forward.  We created this space to discuss and offer support around the challenges of being a BIPOC staff member in progressive and social justice organizations, and to share practices that can help BIPOC staff thrive.

Werking the Work, 101 Edition: Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Cohort

In this course, we’ll cover all of the tools and best practices that we include in our regular Crash Course for non supervisory staff, and integrate discussion and new practices around navigating race, identity, and power dynamics within our organizations. You’ll learn how to:

  • Share your perspective and expertise across lines of power and identity
  • Get aligned with your manager on what success looks like by asking the right questions (or proposing the answers!)
  • Use check-ins to get what you need to move work forward and keep your manager in the loop
  • Write individual goals that keep your focus on outcomes and broad responsibilities
  • Ask for feedback and practice receiving it in a way that makes your work more powerful and sustainable
  • Manage your time and stay organized even when your plate is overflowing
  • Provide feedback to your manager and peers
  • Strategically manage up to your boss and colleagues to advocate for you and your work
  • Recognize the impact of internalized oppression and practice effective ways to show up as your authentic self

To Attend:

We’re invested in building a group that can learn from and grow with each other during these trainings, and to build this unique group we require a brief application.

You should apply if two or more of the following are true:

  • You’re driven to practice new ways of improving your work experience and work deliverables.
  • You’re interested in connecting over issues faced by staff who identify as people of color and/or indigenous in progressive and social justice organizations.
  • You want to become even better at managing up and sideways within a diverse team to achieve outstanding results.
  • You’re thinking about the impact of racial equity and inclusion on yourself, your manager and your peers.

We’ll decide based on the following criteria:

  • Desire to use your position as a lever to achieve even better results;
  • Openness to adopting new practices and learning new skills;
  • Diversity of identity and background; and,
  • Diversity of types of organization represented (size, focus of work, etc.).

We will also prioritize participants from organizations that are doing movement building, intersectional analysis, issue advocacy, community organizing, educational equity, and/or policy work. 


$350 per attendee for organizations with budgets above $5 million
$300 per attendee for organizations with budgets between $2 million and $5 million 
$225 per attendee for organizations with budgets below $2 million
$75 per attendee for individuals attending without organizational assistance
A 10% discount will also be applied for clients of The Management Center and The Management Action Center.

Cohorts run for consecutive days.

All trainings feature live transcription. Closed captioning is available upon request, with at 5 least days notice.
  • August 2022
  • Online Werking the Work: Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Cohort

    2 Aug - 3 Aug
    2 days 12:00 PM 6:00 PM Online Tuesday and Wednesday August 2-3 12:00-6:00pm Eastern Time each day $350.00 incl.
  • December 2022
  • Online Werking the Work: Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Cohort

    6 Dec - 7 Dec
    2 days 12:00 PM 6:00 PM Online Tuesday and Wednesday December 6 - December 7, 2022 12:00-6:00pm Eastern Time each day $350.00 incl.