Having a regular time to touch base one-on-one with each of your staff members about their work keeps you focused on their results and creates a place for you to check on how projects are coming, provide feedback and serve as a resource, and agree on prioritization.

Check-in Meetings - Sample Agenda

This agenda provides a template that you can ask staff members to fill out and send you ahead of your check-in. It’s structured to help staff members and managers check in on progress toward goals, stay aligned on current projects, talk about what’s going well, and what could be going better, and get aligned on next steps.

90-Day Discussion Template

This template will help you lead a productive discussion with your new hire about their first 90 days on the job.

Common Choice Points

Here is a list of some of the most common choice points, or key decision-making opportunities, managers face that may have equity and inclusion impacts.

Skip-Level Meeting Toolkit

Skip-level meetings are a type of one-on-one meeting that managers of managers hold with their direct reports’ direct reports. They’re helpful for building relationships, gaining insight into your team and organization, and getting feedback about the managers that you manage.

5 Tips for Better Check-ins During COVID-19 (template and sample included!)

With social distancing in place, every human interaction makes a difference, and your one-on-one check-ins are essential. They also need to look a little different. Here are a few tips for better one-on-one meetings during the pandemic, plus our new COVID-19 check-in agenda (template and sample).

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