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Home page with two colleagues smiling and laughing. Text reads: We help social justice leaders build and run more equitable, sustainable, and results-driven organizations.

TMC’s new website is finally here with many thanks to our friends at Design Action Collective!

So, what’s new?

  • More ways to find resources! Now you can Search from the top of every page; Browse the Resources library; or, Filter by topic, collection, and type. We also added “Where to Start” suggestions to every topic page and created Collections to help you find subsets of resources (like an Onboarding collection within Hiring, resources for Managing Projects and New Managers, and a one-stop shop for Managing Uncertainty).
  • Greater accessibility! We made sure the site meets or exceeds current standards. We did a full design review before we built the site, prioritized staff learning, and tested the site using several accessibility checkers. We know being accessible means being responsive to our clients, so we welcome your feedback as we improve accessibility in an ongoing way.
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