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Valerie believes that a person’s opportunities should never be limited based on skin color, zip code, bank account, or any other factors that have historically marginalized people in this country. She’s also passionate about recruiting and retaining talented and mission-aligned people into organizations that focus on deep social change. Prior to joining The Management Center, Valerie served as the first Chief Talent Officer at Achievement Prep in Southeast Washington, DC, creating and maintaining systems and structures to support the full life cycle of talent in the organization. Before her time at Achievement Prep, Valerie held several positions in education and non-profit organizations, including Education Pioneers, where she was the National Director of Curriculum Development & Training, as well as the DC Metro Area Program Director. Valerie earned a Bachelors in English from Spelman College and a Masters in Education from UC Berkeley. Valerie lives with her husband and children in Maryland and can be found on a Saturday afternoon reading a good book, reorganizing a drawer/closet, or finding yet another use for a fancy looking container.