What Clients Say

from our anonymous client survey

Client EDs responding to the statement,
“I would recommend TMC to a friend or colleague interested in management assistance”

“TMC is the strongest, most capable firm I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

“The quality of the staff is exceptional … The willingness to roll up sleeves and get dirty with us is rare among consultants and [is] tremendous.”

“TMC offers a critically important service and should be a required relationship.”

“The ease of working with the staff is unbelievable.”

“I could not have survived the past year without this coaching … TMC held me accountable, helped me come up with solutions, and gave me a whole new battery of tools.”

“Tremendous follow-through and accountability. Phenomenal.”

“I’d honestly be very hesitant to work anywhere else in the future that hasn’t worked with TMC. This should be required for any non-profit in our area.”

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“The fresh thinking and practical skills that TMC brings to the bold and inspiring elected prosecutors we support help us make lasting change in the criminal justice space. New thinking and smart policies alone aren’t enough. Breaking down resistance to change can be challenging. The management lessons and wise insights TMC offers ensure that meaningful change takes hold – and our justice system and the lives of those it impacts are in a better place as a result.” – Miriam Aroni Krinsky, Founder & Executive Director, Fair and Just Prosecution

“The Management Center’s clear, practical advice has been invaluable in helping us improve how we operate and the results we get. They’re insightful, rigorous, and persistent, while also being friendly and supportive. We’re a different – and better! – organization because of our work with them.”
– Deepak Bhargava, former Executive Director, Community Change (formerly known as Center for Community Change)

“I found it invaluable to have TMC’s counsel in building strategic plans and performance measures as CAP grew in size and complexity. Our team managers really appreciated how TMC made the planning process both painless and empowering. And a number of our team leaders really benefited from individual management coaching that helped them to tackle the hard stuff and achieve better results.”
– Sarah Rosen Wartell, former Executive Vice President, Center for American Progress; current President, Urban Institute

“Our work with TMC has transformed PICO. The management disciplines that TMC has helped us integrate into our daily practice have allowed us to make better decisions, be more strategic with our resources, and nurture stronger performance by senior staff.”
– Scott Reed, former Executive Director, Faith in Action (formerly known as PICO)

“Our work with TMC has moved our effectiveness to a whole new level. We have the smartest goals in our 40-year history, and staff have crystal clear clarity of what is expected of them and plans to nail those expectations. Dollar for dollar, TMC is as good of an investment as one can make in their organization.”
– George Goehl, Executive Director, People’s Action (formerly known as National People’s Action)