For Organizations: In-House Training

Want to bring TMC trainers to your organization to help instill a baseline set of skills, shared vocabulary, and common beliefs about management?

Our in-house training options build on our popular “Managing to Change the World” curriculum, including:

  • Setting ambitious, well-defined goals, and measuring progress against them
  • Agreeing on clear expectations on the front end of a project, task, or responsibility
  • Ensuring strong execution to minimize the “implementation gap” between plans and reality
  • Using rigorous people practices, including selecting and retaining the best talent and letting go of people who don’t meet a high bar for performance
  • Building a culture of shared ownership and continuous improvement
  • Incorporating an equity lens in applying the management practices above

Typically these trainings are one or two days, with optional follow-up. While most sessions target managers,  we also offer a number of sessions for non-manager staff members on topics like being a great owner of work, working effectively with a manager (or “managing up”), and staying organized.

We shape all of our client work to meet your needs, which means that the exact structure and pricing is flexible and will depend on your circumstances. Contact our Client Support Team for more information.