Headshot of Chloe Davis-Carden
Vice President, Trainer
Education Sector Training
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Chloe has had the opportunity to view the state of education in the United States from multiple vantage points. They have worked in education non-profits, public charter schools, and the EdTech industry. They started as a teacher and shifted into administration when they realized their passion for building equitable, joyful, student-driven culture. They have been a Dean, a Director of Culture and a Director of the Match Corps at Match Charter Public School. There they managed teams varying in size from 1 to 20 people. They have served as the Managing Director of Student Services at Breakthrough Greater Boston, managing teams across 3 different cities in Massachusetts. When they realized the impact that leadership and culture have on the experience of staff and effectiveness of a workplace, they transitioned their career to organizational culture and leadership training. They led a People & Culture team at an EdTech startup and their most recent role was training and coaching managers and executives in multiple industries on how to lead and manage effectively and equitably. They are thrilled to be at TMC where they get to merge their two careers and support organizations that are doing important, amazing work! Chloe lives in the Greater Boston area. When they aren’t working, Chloe spends their time with their amazing kids, friends, and family. They love to play just about any game and sport and think all adults should find time to be silly and playful every day. Chloe has their Masters in Effective Teaching from Charles Sposato Graduate School of Education.