Upcoming: For Managers: Management Crash Course

Managing to Change the World will be offered exclusively online through December 31. This fast-paced course in the basics of effective management will teach you how to ensure your team gets great results and includes time for discussion and practice. You’ll learn how to:

  • Delegate tasks effectively
  • Use goals to hand off broad responsibilities
  • Check in with your staff efficiently
  • Hire great people
  • Give feedback and develop your staff
  • Resolve performance problems and manage people out
  • Work more effectively with your own boss by managing up
  • Keep yourself organized and use your time effectively, even when you have an overflowing plate
  • Incorporate an equity lens in applying the management practices above
  • Ensure your team gets great results


$650 per attendee for organizations with budgets above $5 million
$550 per attendee for organizations with budgets between $2 million and $5 million
$425 per attendee for organizations with budgets below $2 million
$395 per attendee for individuals attending without organizational assistance
A 10% discount will also be applied for clients of The Management Center and The Management Action Center.
Please note that while only one day is listed for each training below, Management Crash Courses are run for two consecutive days.
Additionally, we only allow up to 4 people from one organization to attend per training date.

    <b>We'll schedule more trainings soon - stay tuned!</b>

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