Upcoming: For Managers: Managing for Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Results

We hear all the time from managers, people of color and white folks alike, who say, "I'm committed to racial justice and equity, but I'm really wrestling with how to put that commitment into practice in my management practices.” Whether they're newer allies, people with a lifetime of experience, or people whose awareness falls somewhere in between — we talk to plenty of managers who have great intentions but struggle with what to DO about it.

If you manage a team, understand the basics about power, privilege, and oppression, and want to put your commitment to racial equity in your management practices, this training is for you!

What this training is:

In this add-on training we’ll build off of core TMC practices such as setting clear expectations, hiring superstars, and seeking and sharing feedback effectively, but go deeper into each of these practices by bringing a lens on equity and inclusion. Instead of spending time on theory, we’ll share concrete tools, techniques, and real life examples to help illuminate what to do differently as a manager to incorporate an equity and inclusion lens in managing your team. 

We’ll cover topics like how to:

  • Examine internal and external goals with an equity and inclusion lens;

  • Create more inclusive expectations that set people from all different backgrounds up to succeed, and how to communicate those expectations across lines of power and privilege;

  • Unearth routine decision-making opportunities that offer opportunities to shift the status quo;

  • Implement key structures that can help mitigate bias in hiring, feedback, and performance evaluations; and,

  • Receive feedback as a manager through a lens on power and privilege.

What this training isn't:

This training is not a 101 course on power, privilege, and oppression — we’ll assume you recognize that bias exists and plays out in the workplace, you agree that privilege is real, and you understand that working towards equity and inclusion sometimes requires moving outside your comfort zone.

This training is also not a foundational management training — you should come only if you’ve already been to our Managing to Change the World: 2-Day Crash Course or an equivalent training from The Management Center in-house at your organization.

Starting from this shared baseline understanding, we’ll focus on concrete tools and strategies that you can start using tomorrow to put your commitment to racial equity and inclusion into practice.

To attend:

We're invested in building a group that can learn from and grow with each other during these trainings, and to build this group we require a brief application.

We’ll select participants based on the following criteria:

  • Desire to use management as a lever to achieve even better results;
  • Openness to adopting new practices and learning new skills;
  • Diversity of identity and background; and,
  • Diversity of types of organization represented (size, focus of work, etc.).

We will also prioritize participants from organizations that are doing advocacy, organizing, educational equity, and/or policy work.

We will select participants on a rolling basis. 


The Management Center has moved to a credit card only payment environment for our open-registration courses. To read more about this change click here.
$650 per attendee for organizations with budgets above $5 million
$550 per attendee for organizations with budgets between $2 million and $5 million
$425 per attendee for organizations with budgets below $2 million
$395 per attendee for individuals attending without organizational assistance
A 10% discount will also be applied for clients of The Management Center and The Management Action Center.
All trainings feature live transcription. Closed captioning is available upon request, with at least 5 days notice.
  • March 2022
  • Online Managing for Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Results: 4-Part Series

    Mar 29 2022
    1:00 PM 4:00 PM Online Eastern Time Four consecutive days March 29-April 1, 1pm-4pm Eastern Time *Each Day $650.00 incl.
  • May 2022
  • Online Managing for Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Results: 4-Part Series

    May 02 2022
    1:00 PM 4:00 PM Online Eastern Time Mondays & Tuesdays May 2-3 & May 9-10 1-4pm Eastern Time *Each day $650.00 incl.