Upcoming: For Managers: Managing for Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Results

Managing for Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Results will be offered exclusively online in 2023.

We believe that effective management can help teams work effectively and advance their mission, while also moving our communities closer to our visions of justice and liberation. But management isn’t just a series of tasks you perform—it’s a practice that takes attention and work. Managing for Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Results helps you bring that attention and effort to your management practices. If you: manage a team; already understand the basics of power, privilege, and oppression; and want to put your commitment to racial equity into action through your management practices, this training is for you!

Prerequisite: Managing to Change the World, within the past 3 years

We’ll explore how to:

  • Unearth routine decision-making opportunities that offer opportunities to shift the status quo
  • Receive input across lines of difference and build trust in the process
  • Examine individual and team goals to make them more equitable and inclusive
  • Build psychological safety and belonging on your team
  • Interrupt bias as you invest in and evaluate your staff
  • Give and receive feedback with equity, power, and privilege in mind

This training is not a 101-level course on power, privilege, and oppression—we’ll assume you recognize that bias and racism exist and play out in the workplace, you agree that privilege is real, and you understand that working toward equity and inclusion sometimes requires moving outside your comfort zone.

To apply:

We're invested in building a group that can learn from and grow with each other, so we require a brief application.

We will prioritize participants from organizations that do advocacy, organizing, educational equity, and/or policy work, and strive to build a cohort that is diverse in identity, background, and organizational/team size. We’ll also be looking for your desire to use management as a lever for achieving equity, sustainability, and results, and your openness to learning new skills and practices. We select participants on a rolling basis for each cohort.

This course is offered in two formats: a 2-part series (two consecutive, 6-hour days), or a 4-part series (four 3-hour sessions over one or two weeks). Each format includes the same content and activities and frequent short breaks. The 2-day series includes a 45-minute lunch break each day.

Live transcription is enabled for every online training. Additional accommodations are available on request. Please share your access needs when you register and review our Accessibility FAQs.


$775 per attendee for organizations with budgets over $10 million
$675 per attendee for organizations with budgets between $5 million and $10 million
$575 per attendee for organizations with budgets between $2 million and $5 million
$475 per attendee for organizations with budgets below $2 million
$425 per attendee for individuals attending without organizational assistance

A 10% discount will also be automatically applied for current clients of The Management Center and The Management Action Center.

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