Managing to Change the World Online 4-Part Series

Welcome to Managing to Change the World-Online! This will be a 4-Part series of 3-hour modules created just for those managers who want to take our traditional 2-Day Crash Course but in a new format that supports an emerging need for a more flexible training option.

  • Oct 13
    Tue 10:00 AM - Fri 1:00 PM Online Pacific Time Two six hour sessions with lots of breaks! 10am-1pm Pacific Time *Each Day Andie Corso
    • $650.00 incl.
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  • Dec 01
    Tue 10:00 AM - Fri 1:00 PM Online Pacific Time Four three hour sessions with lots of breaks! 10am-1pm Pacific Time *Each Day Eliza Leighton
    • $650.00 incl.

In this online course spanning 4 days, participants will take away some of the most important lessons from the in-person management crash course, Managing to Change the World. This fast-paced online course in the basics of effective management will offer key lessons, skills and tools on how to ensure that your team will great results. Participants will learn how to:

  • Delegate projects and responsibilities effectively 
  • Use goals to hand off broad responsibilities
  • Check in with your staff efficiently
  • Nurture relationships and belonging on your team
  • Give feedback and develop your staff
  • Address performance problems equitably and manage people out
  • Work more effectively with your own manager by managing up
  • Keep yourself organized and use your time effectively, even when you have an overflowing plate
  • Incorporate an equity lens in applying the management practices above
  • Ensure your team gets great results

The online training course will be conducted entirely over Zoom. To ensure a classroom-like experience, we ask participants to be present on video and in a quiet setting, and to attend all sessions. Sessions will include some participant-centered activities like writing exercises, discussions, and role-plays to strengthen learning-outcomes. All sessions will be 3 hours for a 4-part series over 4 days.