Managing to Change the World, 101 Edition: 3-Day People of Color & Indigenous Cohort

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We’ll cover all of the management tools and best practices that we include in our regular 2-day Crash Course, with extra time built in for discussion about navigating race, identity and power dynamics within our organizations for managers of color. In this 3-day training, you’ll learn how to:

  • Delegate tasks effectively

  • Level the playing field for marginalized staff using management choice points

  • Use goals to hand off broad responsibilities

  • Check in with your staff efficiently

  • Strategically manage up to your boss and colleagues to advocate for you and your work

  • Prioritize your time, even when you have an overflowing plate

  • Hire (and keep) great people

  • Use tools to lessen the impact of unconscious bias in how we evaluate others

  • Share and receive feedback to foster trust, learning, connection, and accountability

  • Resolve performance problems and know when it’s time to manage people out

  • Recognize the impact of internalized oppression and practice effective ways to show up as your authentic self

  • Incorporate an equity and inclusion lens in applying the management practices above

  • Ensure your team get great results