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How to Manage When Things Are Not Okay (And Haven’t Been For Centuries)

While we—The Management Center—can’t undo the harms of nearly half a millennium of the degradation and dehumanization of Black people in the United States, we can help envision a path forward for managers and leaders. In this article, we share our best thinking on supporting your staff at a time when things are not okay (and haven't been for a long time).

So you’ve declared that Black Lives Matter. Now what?

Making a statement is not enough. Our public displays of anti-racism are only as authentic as our private actions, mindset shifts, and interventions. In this article, we share five things for leaders to consider doing to live by their Black Lives Matter solidarity statements.

Reflections from Our CEO

In response to the anti-Black racism and violence of the last few weeks, our CEO Jerry Hauser reflects on standing in solidarity with Black folks, The Management Center's journey in becoming an anti-racist organization, and how management can be a force for social justice.

Being the Owner

This handout will walk you through how to be an outstanding owner of your work -- someone who's truly responsible for the success of your realm.

Meeting Structures

This template will help you think about how to best structure your regular meetings and decision-making bodies.

Retention Chart

Taking just 60 seconds to think through your strategy for retaining your top performers can make the difference between keeping a star staff member long-term or losing her to another opportunity.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews with a departing employee can be a valuable source of information about what’s working well and what could be improved. Here are some questions to ask.

Modes of Decision-Making

Being transparent about how decisions will get made often gets better outcomes with more engaged participants. Here's one potential decision-making framework to share within teams.

Budget Decisions Framework

If you’re facing tough financial decisions, this simple worksheet can help you capture sound contingency plans for moving forward.

Board Accountability Form

This form is designed to help board members remain accountable to each other and the organization they serve by providing a structured reflection on each board member’s contributions.

Pros-Cons-Mitigations Tool

Engage your team in tough decision-making using this simple table.

Using Fair Process to Make Better Decisions: A Quick-Start Guide

Here’s our quick-start guide for FAIR, a four-step decision-making approach that gives those most impacted by a decision the opportunity to help shape it.

Using Fair Process to Make Better Decisions: Examples

Check out these examples of fair process, a four-step decision-making approach that gives those most impacted by a decision the opportunity to help shape it.

Survey Questions to Assess Staff Opinions on COVID-19 Reopening

This sample survey is intended for leaders to adapt as needed to assess the needs, concerns, and circumstances of their staff as they consider reopening the office.

Weaving It All Together: How To Talk About Moving Forward

Many of us are getting out of rapid response mode from the pandemic and entering the restabilization phase. As you’re making more plans, the challenge is twofold: keeping track of the different threads for yourself, and communicating them in a way that inspires confidence and isn’t confusing to everyone else. Read on for the key components you need to communicate about your organization moving forward, plus sample language and a simple worksheet to get started.

How to Scenario Plan for COVID-19 (template and sample included!)

Scenario planning is the process of constructing narratives about what the future might look like, and considering what you might do if that future comes to pass—which is especially important during a pandemic. You can avoid being unprepared when the future arrives, even if it's not exactly what you imagined. Learn about the basics of scenario planning, our best guidelines and tips, and our easy-to-use 5-Box Scenario Planning tool.

How to Actually Reprioritize

It’s not news that whether you’re the head of an organization, the leader of a team, or an individual contributor, our current context of COVID-19 requires you to reprioritize your work. Of course, like most things, the process of reprioritization is easier said than done. Here are six tips for doing it successfully.

The 60-Minute Back-up Plan (plus a template!)

One step every team head and staff member can take to deal with our COVID-19 anxiety is to create a plan for who will take over key responsibilities if one or more of our team members is out. Use our tips and Back-up Planning Tool to figure out the most important responsibilities that need to be covered, who could do them if the current owner is out, and what that person needs to do now to prepare. You can make huge progress in as little as 60 minutes.

Survey Questions to Assess Staff Needs

This sample survey is intended for leaders to adapt as needed to assess the needs and circumstances of their staff as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Use the survey results to identify trends, so that you can make and prioritize policy changes and forecast costs.

Cash Flow Tracker Template / Sample

During uncertain times, even the best-laid plans need to shift. Instead of updating your budget to get a handle on your financials, turn your attention to cash flow. Use this tool to keep track of your anticipated expenses and revenue.

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