Whether in pursuit of specific projects or broad responsibilities, your staff members are going to perform thousands of tiny activities that you never discuss explicitly, but which will be key to the quality of the results you attain. In this section, you’ll find tools for creating a powerful culture that will guide how your staff members approach and execute every aspect of their work.

Sample Statement of Core Values

Formally articulating the values you expect all staffers to live up to sends strong messages about how people should approach their work.

Setting Expectations for New Hires

One group we work with sends this memo to prospective senior hires to capture how things work in their culture so candidates know what they're committing to. The details for your organization will differ from what's described here, but we love how explicit this is about culture and expectations.

The Four Elements of Strong Relationships: The Manager’s Guide to Relationship-Building

We believe that relationship-building is a core competency for effective management (equitable, sustainable, and results-driven). This guide is for managers looking to build (more) supportive and functional relationships with their staff.

Transgender Inclusion Policy Sample

Create a more inclusive workplace for your transgender, agender, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, and gender non-binary team members with a regularly updated, comprehensive Transgender Inclusion Policy. Use this sample as a reference for your own policy.

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