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Progressive Partnerships Project Director Contractor
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Shengxiao Yu, often known by her nickname Sole, is a speaker, facilitator, writer, and social justice educator. She is the creator of Nectar, a space for life-affirming experiences for liberation. Sole combines her storytelling and facilitation experiences to ground her social justice education practice in transformative justice principles. Sole has lived in Latin America and worked with community organizations in Peru and Costa Rica. She has worked in the global health field to build strategic partnerships with grassroots NGOs to shift traditionally hierarchical donor-recipient relationships. She has developed educational curricula and training materials to connect global health disparities to their root causes, including systemic racism, structural poverty, and colonization. Sole has also been an advocate for immigrant rights through providing legal services to unaccompanied immigrant children from Central America, Asia, and beyond. As a generation 1.5 Asian American, Sole is also working to build community among her fellow Asian Americans in order to increase socio-political power and to lift up her lineage. Sole is inspired by BIPOC activists, grassroots community leaders, and all the intersectional movement ancestors who have paved the way.