Interview Cover Letter

This is a sample email to a job applicant prior to a second interview, giving the candidate further information and explaining what you’d like them to come prepared to discuss.

Subject: Meeting on Tuesday


I’m looking forward to speaking with you again next week about the State Policy Director position here at State Health Care Now.

As I mentioned on the phone, in addition to talking more about your prior experiences, I’m also hoping we can spend a portion of our time focusing on materials related to the position. Enclosed, you will find:

  • Monthly and quarterly goals. During our discussion, I’d love to get your feedback on these goals and hear how you might approach them.
  • A newsletter and informational brochure from the Small Business Owners’ Health Forum. As we discussed, you will be sitting in on Daniel’s meeting with their Advocacy Officer next week. I look forward to hearing about your conversation and getting your thoughts on whether and how you would structure a partnership with them.
  • A list of our core values, a statement of expectations for managers, and a one-page version of our annual objectives to give you more background about our organization and where we are headed.

Thanks again for your interest, and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday at 2:00.

Tracy Brown
Executive Director

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