Newsletter – September 15, 2021

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The three dimensions of effective management


Shana Tova to all who celebrate. May the start of Yom Kippur bring reflection and renewal, and the Jewish New Year bring joy, abundance, connection, and repair for all of us, especially those in our community recovering from Hurricane Ida and facing escalating attacks on reproductive justice.

Redefining Effective Management for the 21st Century

If you look up the word “management” in a dictionary, you won’t see it defined as “a set of practices that move our communities closer to visions of justice and liberation.” That’s because traditional management is designed to maximize profit and productivity—not to advance social justice. So, it’s no surprise that many of us have experienced ineffective and downright oppressive management.

But, there is another way—and if you’ve worked with our practitioners lately, you’ve seen it in action.

We’re offering a new definition for effective management rooted in equity, sustainability, and results. (Yes, we’ll let Merriam-Webster know.)

Three yellow circles represent each dimension with blue and white illustrations inside. Three leaves in a circle represents equity. A plant growing in soil represents sustainability. An upturned palm with a small flower represents results. Text in blue reads “3 Dimensions of Effective Management.” Text in white reads equity, sustainability, results.

Read: “The Three Dimensions of Effective Management”

Discuss and Reflect

When it comes to effective management, everyone is tending something, whether they manage people or manage their sphere of work. Share The Three Dimensions of Effective Management with each member of your team, or just read it yourself. Then, use these guiding questions:

  1. How do you cultivate and prioritize equity, sustainability, and results in your approach to managing people or projects?
  2. Which dimension(s) do you think you (or your organization) are doing well at? Does this match where you apply your energy or focus?
  3. Which dimension(s) do you need to be more intentional about? List three ways you could tend to those other dimensions in the coming six months.

6 New and Updated Tools for Effective Management

Our entire Tools Library is getting a refresh this year. Here are just a few new or updated tools to help you practice effective management:

Coming up in October: New and refreshed resources all about giving and receiving feedback.

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