Newsletter – November 17, 2021

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4 ways to manage through uncertainty


If you’re tired…
If you feel like you’re treading water…
If you’re counting down to your next break…

You are not alone.

School and nonprofit leaders tell us they’re exhausted, heartbroken, and tasked with making the impossible possible—like raising staff wages in the middle of a budget cut and running schools without enough teachers.

As TMC senior partner Nancy Hanks puts it, leaders get the twisties just like champion Simone Biles—and right now, many of us are struggling to regain a sense of balance and well-being.

While we never promise quick fixes, here are a few tools to help you get grounded as you set goals for the new year.

1. Focus on your sphere of control.

Agency and choice are key to our sense of well-being. When you feel stuck, use sphere of control to build resilience and remember where you have power—even amidst uncertainty.

2. Set realistic goals.

Focus on what’s most important and let go of the rest. Revisit our Five Tips for Goal-Setting in Chaos and remember that gold star isn’t always the goal.

3. Cultivate empathy and self-awareness.

When we are overwhelmed, we’re more easily frustrated or reactive. Think of perspective-taking as both a medicine and a vitamin—turn to it when there’s an acute need and make it a regular practice to help avoid burnout and build stronger relationships.

4. Connect with your team.

If you’re feeling strain, your team probably is too. Plan ways to support well-being with our guide to purpose, agency, and connection, use our Check-ins Add-on, or decide what to communicate with your team to provide stability during tough times.

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