Newsletter – March 30, 2020

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The stimulus bill, rapid response teams, April trainings, and more

Hi friends,

During times of upheaval and crisis, it’s not just about making the right decisions—it’s about making them quickly. But you may find that your existing processes and procedures (however thoughtfully composed and elegantly designed in ordinary times) feel clunky in this situation, like wearing hiking boots to a sprint race.

This is where your Rapid Response Team comes in. Whether you already have one or are looking to create one for the first time, we have some tips for running an effective COVID-19 rapid response team:

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About That Stimulus Bill…

Speaking of rapid response, there’s one thing that many of you should be prepared to act on quickly: tapping into federal support for your organization. Are you wondering how the COVID-19 economic stimulus bill might impact your organization? Based on what we’ve gathered, here’s what we think you should know:

There are a number of programs under the CARES Act, but the one non-profit leaders should pay extra attention to is SBA 7(a)—the “Paycheck Protection Program.” The short version is that if your organization is a 501(c)(3) with fewer than 500 employees, you could be eligible for a loan that covers about two months’ worth of operational costs, such as payroll, health benefits, and rent. Depending on a variety of factors, including primarily whether you keep your staff intact during this period, your organization could be eligible for 100% loan forgiveness (essentially turning the loan into a grant!). This could mean hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) in assistance for your organization.

Funds will be doled out on a first-come, first-served basis, so you’ll need to act quickly.

Here are three actions you can take right now to prepare:

  • Figure out whether it’s worth pursuing the loan/grant (are you a 501(c)(3) with fewer than 500 employees? Are you likely to avoid significant layoffs between now and June 30? Then almost definitely yes!)
  • Find out if your bank is providing these loans or find one in your area that is (tip: just search the name of your bank + “SBA loan”)
  • Assign an owner to keep tabs on updates and apply for the loan as soon as the application becomes available

For more information, check out these resources:

Plus, you can sign up for a free webinar with the National Council of Nonprofits that’s happening tomorrow 3/31 at 3:30pm EDT: Federal Coronavirus Relief Bills: What Do They Mean for Nonprofits?


April Trainings

We are now accepting new registrations for April online courses! We’ve been working to transfer our offerings into a format that allows you to continue to build and sustain effective organizations during a pandemic. We’re offering Managing to Change the World (for managers), Working for Change (for non-managers), and Managing Projects (for project managers). Choose the course and format that works best for you:

  • Full-day. Get all of the key content in one sitting (with stretch breaks and lunchtime built in!).
  • 2-hour modules. Spread out your learning into bite-sized chunks that you can take over several days.

Here’s what one participant of a March online course had to say: “The material presented related to the here and now, and [offered] solutions that can be used to serve my team.” Register for April courses here!

Join the TMC Community Slack!

Over the past few weeks, many of you have told us that you wish you had a platform to connect with others outside your organization to ask questions, share ideas, or simply find community in these uncertain times. To that end, we are launching a TMC Community Slack.

To join, please review our community norms and fill out this form to receive an invitation.

We are figuring this out as we go—so please bear with us as we deal with any initial hiccups. If you have questions or have trouble getting set up, email

Thanks for all you are doing in these tumultuous times. And thank you in advance for pitching in and helping each other out!

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