Newsletter – March 17, 2021

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We’ll keep showing up for you—plus, new equitable hiring resources

Hello friends,

We have new tools for you this month, but first—a deep breath. It’s been one year since the pandemic reshaped our lives, schools, workplaces, and worlds. On this very unwelcome anniversary, even with hard-won hope on the horizon, you are managing a lot. We see you and we will keep showing up for you.

To our Asian and Asian American community members who are sitting in the aftermath of last night’s white supremacist and misogynist attacks in Atlanta (and the deep history of anti-Asian hate, gendered violence, classism, and dehumanization of sex workers it rests on): We see you and we will keep showing up for you.

To all managers and leaders: If you haven’t already, now is the time to reflect, discuss, and do something about anti-Asian racism in your team and organization, especially if you’ve recently committed to antiracism. Check out our last newsletter for some reflection and discussion questions or revisit our article, How to Manage When Things Are Not Okay, and consider how this advice can be applied to support your Asian and Asian American colleagues.


TMC is rounding this corner with some spring cleaning. Our goal: Digging deep to make sure our online resources reflect sharp, thoughtful, and actionable insights to help you lead and manage more equitably, sustainably, and effectively.

So, what’s new this month?

All about the must-haves.

While there are Choice Points at every stage of the hiring process (more on that next month), must-haves are your foundation. Your must-haves should reflect your best thinking on what it takes to do the job well. By focusing on what—not who—you reduce bias and create an anchor for the entire process, from the job announcement, to recruitment strategy, to interview process, and eventually roles and goals.

We have two new tools to help:

1. The Must-Haves Starter Kit is a compilation of common must-haves across job roles, alongside guidance to adapt them based on level of responsibility and focus.

Click here for “The Must-Haves Starter Kit”

2. Our Planning for Must-Haves at Each Stage Template is a tool for hiring managers to plot how you’ll test must-haves at each stage of the hiring process, with a sample outline for two must-haves.

Click here for “Planning for Must-Haves at Each Stage”

Use these new tools alongside some of our recently refreshed TMC hiring resources:

Language refresh.

You’ll notice the must-have samples move away from perfectionist standards (“no dropped balls”) in favor of excellence (“setting a high bar” and “learning from mistakes”). Since there are equity dimensions in every skill area, from communication to management, we also center equity and inclusion across all areas.

One of the dusty concepts we replaced is the idea of “Culture Fit.” While every workplace has an organizational culture, you want to focus more on your values (and aspirations) than what it takes to “fit in.”

We went with “Culture Add.” As TMC’s head of talent Valerie put it, “Culture Add helps center the contributions each new hire makes to your organization.” We’ll be honest, though—we’re continuing to wrestle with the best language for this. We invite you to wrestle with it too. Discuss these questions with your team:

  • What is our current “culture,” and how does it reflect our values and direction? What do we want it to be?
  • What core values and best organizational practices do we need new hires to know about and match?
  • What aspirations do we have for strategic growth where a new hire will contribute?

At The Management Center, “highly collaborative” recently showed up as an important culture add for one of the roles we hired for. What about you?

For Managers: Equitable Hiring
Training Registration Now Open!

Equitable Hiring is a new half-day course designed to help managers who are currently hiring new staff. Registration is now open for courses starting in late April. This interactive course helps managers create equitable, effective hiring processes:

  • Identify how bias often appears in hiring and get out of autopilot hiring practices
  • Identify the must-have skills and talents for the role
  • Identify opportunities to build a deep and diverse pool of candidates
  • Develop probing questions and job simulations tailored to the must-have skills and talents for the role
  • Learn best practices in using rubrics to mitigate biases among the selection team
  • Leave with a draft suite of essential hiring documents and plans

Register now

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