Newsletter – January 29, 2020

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Job openings? Here’s where we’d post them

Hi friends,

Last year, we received several variations of this client inquiry:

“Dear TMC,

I’m hiring for a position and I want to make sure we have as diverse a candidate pool as possible. Where should I post my open positions?”

We love hearing that our clients want to dedicate their valuable time and energy to diversifying their candidate pools. Studies show that when you only have one woman or one person of color in a pool of four finalists, bias for the status quo means that person on the margins has almost no chance of being hired. In order to have a more diverse group of finalists, you need to start with a diverse pool of candidates (and of course, take steps to mitigate bias throughout the process).

Before we dive in, here’s our PSA: Hiring is a lot like dating—before you can attract the right candidates, you have to do a lot of inner work. If your goal is to increase and sustain diversity at your organization, you’ll need to do a lot more than find the right websites on which to post your job openings. First, you’ll have to get clear and specific about what kind of diversity you want—whether that’s racial, gender, and/or something else. Then, you’ll have to get clear on your why, develop management practices to enable staff with marginalized identities to succeed, and create a culture that supports collective learning about racial and other types of equity and inclusion. Without doing the internal equity and inclusion work that’s needed to support and sustain it, you’ll end up building a revolving door for staff with marginalized identities.

With that said, onward to our answer! Find our latest article on tips for publicizing your job openings, including some specific resources for posting jobs, by clicking below:

Read the article.

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