Newsletter – January 13, 2021

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Performance evaluations, farewell to Bex, and our top 2020 resources

Hi friends,

New year, similar displays of violence and white supremacy. In spite of the horrific events of last week, we hope that since you last heard from us, you’ve found space to rest, reflect on lessons from 2020, and set intentions for the work ahead.

At TMC, we’re ramping up to bring you more resources for running effective, equitable, and sustainable organizations. For this first newsletter of 2021, we’re sharing a couple of resources on performance evaluations that take into account the challenges of 2020.

5 Tips for Evaluating 2020 Performance

Sample Language for 2020 Performance Evaluations

And—in case you missed it—here are some of our most popular resources from last year:


Election Season:


Farewell to a Legend

Many of you who read this newsletter have benefited from the work of our beloved Bex Ahuja. Over the past seven years, Bex has personally trained thousands of you, bringing a remarkable combination of humor, wisdom, and passion. (We joke that Bex could read the phonebook out loud during a training and still get rave reviews.) But Bex’s reach extends even further, touching any of you who have heard us talking about concepts like SMARTIE goalsPTRequity rationales, and PARTNERing on the iceberg. Bex also conceived of, designed, and led the launch of our Managing for Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Results advanced training and our cohorts for leaders and staff members of color which, like all of the contents above, will live on past the end of this month when…

Bex will be moving from The Management Center to take on a new role as the Managing Director for our close friends at Rockwood Leadership Institute. No doubt to Bex’s chagrin, we will always view Bex as part of The Management Center family, but this transition is a big deal. Bex has helped make us who we are today by, among many other things, helping advance our thinking and commitment around issues of race, identity, and equity, and deepening our understanding of how managers who aspire to lead effectively must manage equitably.

If you’d like, please join us in thanking Bex directly, before January 29 at or after January 29 here.

From “POCI” to “BIPOC”

TMC is committed to continuous learning and evolution as we progress on our antiracist journey. Sometimes this shows up in how we approach language—what we say and how we say it. Instead of “People of Color and Indigenous” (POCI), we are now using “Black, Indigenous, People of Color” (BIPOC) internally and externally. While we understand that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach to discussing systemic racism, we believe that the term BIPOC better centers the unique experiences and relationships that Black and Indigenous people have with white supremacy and systemic oppression within a present-day U.S. context. We strive to do our best to address anti-Blackness and Indigenous invisibility, and to amplify the experiences of all people of color in our internal and external work.

Check out our upcoming BIPOC cohort trainings for managers and staff.

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