Newsletter – February 17, 2021

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Grief and gratitude, Black & Asian solidarity, plus a survey

Hi friends,

In this new year of the Ox, in the middle of Black History and Futures Month, I’m sitting with grief and gratitude. Grief, because there’s been a surge of anti-Asian violence and the videos are playing on repeat in my head. Grief, because it is horrifying but unsurprising—many of us live with the looming threat of violence every day. I’m saddened by some of the divisive conversations surrounding these incidents, which illuminate white supremacy’s role in setting up and stoking the flames of tensions between Black and Asian American communities. Gratitude, because of the incredible cross-racial organizing around community-based interventions, particularly in (but not limited to) the Bay Area, where I live, and the enduring inspiration Black freedom movements provide when it comes to multi-racial solidarity. I am proud to be in community with people who call out and resist anti-Asian violence while being decisively pro-Black. I’m grateful that this is part of a growing legacy of Black/Asian solidaritycare, and joy. I’m grateful for Black art and Black leadership, including right here at The Management Center.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what this means for us, as staff, managers, and leaders. Yes, you might want to check in on your Asian colleagues and staff (and know that they may not want to talk to you about it). Yes, you probably should acknowledge what is happening, particularly because of the limited mainstream news coverage. Yes, you might want to bone up on Asian American history because this news is not new.

And beyond that, I wonder how organizations—particularly multi-racial organizations like TMC—can work for racial justice and hold the complexities of working on racially diverse teams. I wonder how BIPOC leaders and managers can be in solidarity with each other, knowing that white supremacy pits us against each other and creates an overpowering feeling of scarcity, including in the workplace. There’s no template for this.

When it comes to racial equity, we’re past the point of easy answers. Instead, here are some questions for all managers and leaders to consider:

  • How can I hold space for my Asian American colleagues (and/or myself) right now?
  • What are the dynamics and conditions that contribute to anti-Asian racism and violence? How do they show up in my organization? How can I disrupt them?
  • What are the implicit biases or stereotypes I have about Asian people or specific groups of Asian people?
  • How do my beliefs about Asian people differ from or align with my beliefs about other people of color, particularly Black people? How might those beliefs reinforce anti-Blackness in my organization? How can I/we guard against and disrupt that?
  • What can I and/or my team do to explore and unpack the different experiences of people under the “BIPOC” umbrella? What do we need to do to get ready for conversations like this?
  • How am I working to build deep trust among BIPOC within my organization? How am I making space for BIPOC staff and leaders to build authentic relationships and create new narratives outside of the confines of whiteness and white supremacy?

To be honest, this is not the newsletter I set out to write. I wrestled deeply with taking up this space, on this month of all months. But there is no refuge in silence. The path to racial justice requires our collective care, a willingness to sit with multiple truths, and the belief that there is enough space for all of us.

In solidarity,

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