Newsletter – August 18, 2021

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Connect with grief, navigate performance challenges, and more

Hi friends,

In their new essay on grief and liberation, activist and author Malkia Devich-Cyril writes, “As we seek to breathe a new world into being, being an effective changemaker demands the right and power to feel our losses rather than escape them.”

There is no looking away from Afghanistan, from Haiti and Lebanon, from the unmarked graves of Indigenous children, from wildfires wreaking havoc globally, and the climate threats we faced long before the most recent IPCC report. There’s no denying that for the second year in a row, back-to-school season is bringing more anxiety than excitement, forcing impossible decisions for school leaders, educators, and families. There is no ignoring the loss of friends and family members, or the new restrictions where there was just an opening.

We share this because Malkia is right; when we acknowledge loss, we can begin to transform grief, practice boundaries, and connect more authentically to self and others—all things that help us better serve our communities.

Here is some of what we are reading—and practicing—this month:

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Noticing a performance problem? Own the solution.

Two large white quotation marks on a brown background frame text inside a white box that says “Whether you’re managing people to set ambitious goals or correct course when things go awry, your first step is always curiosity.”

In our community survey earlier this year, three topics rose to the top: Relationship-building, Mental Health, and Performance Challenges. Last time, we shared our new manager’s guide to relationship-building. Next up: new tools for navigating performance challenges.

What do you do when someone is really struggling in their role or it just never seems like the right time for corrective feedback? What if events at home or in the world are impacting their work—or yours?

Whatever the origin of the performance problem, you need to own the solution. As a manager, it’s your job to develop staff, spot disparities, and address problems when they arise. Whether you’re managing people to set more ambitious goals or correct course when things go awry, your first step is always curiosity.

We can help you with the rest.

Check out Four Steps for Addressing Performance Problems. We help you look at your choices—and choice points for interrupting bias—to generate options that advance racial equity and inclusion, promote personal and organizational sustainability, and improve lasting results.

In some cases, feedback gets things back on track. In others, a more formal plan helps. Our new Performance Improvement Plan Toolkit can give you and a struggling staff member the best chance to turn things around.

More new resources on Performance Management:

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