Newsletter – April 15, 2020

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Reprioritizing, onboarding, & remote managing through COVID-19

Hi friends!

It’s been a month since the WHO declared the new coronavirus pandemic. While most of us have embraced (or begrudgingly accepted) that things are different now, many of us are still figuring out what exactly this means for our work. Whether you’re the head of an organization, the leader of a team, or an individual contributor, our current context requires you to reprioritize your work. If you haven’t already, it’s time to let go of some prior commitments and add in new ones. This week, we’re bringing you some tips for your reprioritization process:

Read “How to Actually Reprioritize”

Also, for those of you who are fortunate enough to bring on new staff and are wondering how to do it, check out our new article on onboarding during COVID-19:

Read “Onboarding During COVID-19”


Training Update

Our open-registration courses are now available online through May 29! We have two formats for our Managing to Change the World training: a two-day version that’s modeled after our traditional crash course, and a six-part series for those who prefer bite-sized chunks. If you’d prefer a deeper dive on management best practices adapted to fit your context, check out our online in-house training option.

We’re also offering Remote Management through COVID-19, a 90-minute online training for organizations and networks. This new training is best for teams that have been through Managing to Change the World and are looking for ways to adapt good management practices to this time of physical distancing, rapid change, and uncertainty. This interactive session covers remote management of assignments, individuals, and teams, all with a focus on clarity, connection, communication, and equity. For more information, email us at

Join the TMC Community Slack!

Over the past few weeks, many of you have told us that you wish you had a platform to connect with others outside your organization to ask questions, share ideas, or simply find community in these uncertain times. To that end, we have launched the TMC Community Slack. Shoutout to all the folks who have joined us already!

To join, please review our community norms and fill out this form to receive an invitation.

If you have questions or have trouble getting set up, email

Thanks for all you are doing in these tumultuous times. And, thank you in advance for pitching in and helping each other out!

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