Newsletter – November 17, 2011

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Easier delegation, sample performance evaluations, and the cookie-eating habits of managers

Hello friends,

You’ll have to wait until the end of this newsletter to read our warning about why you might be covered in cookie crumbs right now, but along the way you’ll find a worksheet to make delegation easier, sample performance evaluations, and much more!

1. Easier Delegation

If you’re like most of us, you don’t always remember the many things you need to cover when you’re delegating an assignment. In the upcoming second edition of our book, Managing to Change the World (being published next spring), we suggest using a slightly tweaked version of the familiar “five W’s” – who, what, when, where, why … plus a little bit of how. In this delegation worksheet, you can check out the reworked five W’s and prompt yourself to run through important questions about any piece of work you’re assigning. Download it today, and be a delegation ninja by tomorrow.

2. Values We Love

We love the core values that Nyaya Health shares with new employees and works to uphold throughout its culture, including “efficiency as a moral must,” “celebrating results, not merely ideas and intentions,” and “being transparent until it hurts.” Take a look at the whole document and see if it might inspire your own!

3. Say It Again

Ever feel like you’re repeating yourself when talking to your staff? You probably should be! This research from the Harvard Business Review finds that managers who get the best results from their staff don’t assume that saying something once is enough; they repeat themselves multiple times and use multiple means to say it (for instance, direct discussion, followed by email).  (You’ll need to register for free to read the full piece.)

4. Performance Evaluation Samples

If you’re dreading end-of-year performance evaluations (and you probably are), these samples might help:  First, here’s a sample evaluation for a high performer. And next, here’s one for a struggling employee.  Maybe these will inspire you to get an early start!

5. Do Managers Eat More Cookies?

Do you have crumbs on your face right now? A study published in the Psychological Review found that giving people more power than their colleagues causes them to eat more cookies than others, chew with their mouths open, and get crumbs on their faces and the table. (Check the mirror!)

6. How Do You Communicate Staff Departures?

We regularly get asked for samples of staff communications explaining that a staffer has resigned or been let go. If you’ve got a sample that could help others convey this sometimes delicate information, we’d love to see it – send it on over!

That’s it for this month. I hope you have a great holiday and enjoy some time away!


Jerry Hauser
The Management Center

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