Newsletter – January 23, 2013

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So you’re a new manager, far-right dysfunction, and more

Hello friends,

We hope your new year is off to a great start … and that one of your resolutions is to forward our monthly emails to all the managers you know.

We’ve got a new batch of resources for you that we hope you’ll find useful…

1. Advice for new managers

A reader recently asked us:  “I’m a brand-new manager, and I want to be great at it. What are the absolute most important things for me to know as I get started?”

The biggest change you’re going to face as a manager is that your success in your role is no longer about what you can get done on your own; now it’s about what you achieve through other people. That takes a whole different set of skills and behaviors. We’ve posted our thoughts on the most important things for new managers to know here.

2. Avoiding a crap-filled lolly when giving feedback

When it comes to giving feedback, do you ever find you tried so hard to minimize any negative feelings that your staff member misses your message? Or that you’re so frustrated that it’s tough to maintain your composure? We love this Daily Muse article on ways managers go wrong when giving feedback  and as a bonus, you’ll learn the term “crap-filled lolly” in it.

3. How to manage your former peers

If we created a list of the most anxiety-producing situations for managers, managing former peers would be near the top. Amy Gallo has great advice in this HBR article, including treading lightly at first, establishing your authority without making a show of it, understanding that your relationships will need to change, and asking your former peers for honest feedback.

4. Get aligned with your boss

You might have mastered the principles of delegating well, but has your boss? When your manager assigns you a big project, our “getting aligned” worksheet can help you manage up so you agree on expectations, get clear on the roles of everyone involved, and figure out how and when to check back in.

5. Think your office is dysfunctional?

Your office may not be perfect, but you might feel better after reading this profile of far-right organization Freedom Works – complete with secret meetings, armed guards, and leader-on-leader legal wars!

We hope you find these resources helpful!


Jerry Hauser and Alison Green
The Management Center

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