Coaching Packages

We shape all of our work to meet client needs, which means that the exact structure and pricing of a coaching engagement will depend on the circumstances. Here are our most popular packages (you can also create your own hybrid from these options):

Skills Builder – for high-performing, up-and-coming managers who want to build and run more effective teams. Intensive coaching to build your skills in core areas, including diagnosing your top needs; one-on-one tutoring to build skills (everything from helping you customize tools to role-playing tough conversations); and ongoing shadowing to make sure you’re putting the skills into practice. Typical intensity: weekly meetings for three months.

Organizational Partnership – for leaders of organizations that have recently come through a start-up phase or period of rapid change. Typical ingredients include one-on-one coaching for the ED and other members of the leadership team, a “systems diagnostic” to identify and then fill gaps in organizational practices, possibly help instilling the TMC “operating system” (a suite of practices that establish underlying values about how you want to operate), and group trainings, over six to twelve months.

Sounding Board – for more experienced senior leaders needing a thought partner to help generate practical solutions to challenges. You set the agenda, we come with ideas and resources. Typical intensity: one to two scheduled meetings a month, with follow-up between meetings.

Training Packages – for teams looking to instill a baseline set of skills, shared vocabulary, and common beliefs about management, we offer training packages based on our popular “Managing to Change the World” curriculum. Typically these trainings are one or two days, with optional follow-up, and may reach front-line staff as well as members of the management team.

When it doesn’t make sense to start with the commitment of one of these packages, we begin our work with a starter engagement of one to three months where we work on a specific challenge. Through this process, we get to know each other and can assess whether further work makes sense.

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